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    • I took the Eastern bus from Richmond, Virgina to New York, NY this past Saturday, and wanted to relay how professional and safe your driver was. He was a great driver. At one of the rest stops, a pregnant woman disappeared. Your driver was so upset - he couldn't leave her. He asked a female passenger if she could check the ladies' rooms in the rest stop. He waited an additional 45 minutes trying to locate this missing person. When the missing woman arrived, she was beligerent and ungrateful. I think everyone wanted to toss her off the bus at that point. But your driver was really amazing the way he handled everything. I would definitely ride with him again. Thank you for having such a great driver. Unfortunately, I don't know his name, but my ticket info should make it easy to track. Thank him from me. Whatever you're paying him, it's not enough. [Expand]
      From: "Alan Salsbury"Date: 11/29/17 15:04:24
    • I found very good service and great operator I will recommend to all of my friends and family's.[Expand]
      From: "Uzma Khurshid"Date: 03/06/17 09:09:40
    • The driver is the best driver eastern travel has. Exceptional and on time.[Expand]
      From: "Carla Hierro"Date: 02/22/17 08:46:27
    • I love this bus! It's always fast and I sleep like a baby all the time during the ride.[Expand]
      From: "Ariana Marzana"Date: 01/19/17 05:15:42
    • Clean bus, simple and easy to use. Very satisfied with the drive to NYC from DC. Third trip I have done with Eastern and will continue to use.[Expand]
      From: "Natalie Cruz"Date: 12/30/16 05:21:26
    • The service is excellent and courteous. Will surely recommend it to friend.[Expand]
      From: "Magdalene Ogah"Date: 12/28/16 10:51:33
    • The company is easy to deal with. They are polite and courteous when you interact with them.[Expand]
      From: "Mary Agatha Nwanze"Date: 12/26/16 09:29:53
    • Fast, reliable service that includes a rest stop on the way. Definitely better than any other bus service.[Expand]
      From: "Jennifer Kamara"Date: 12/26/16 01:10:00
    • The service is very good. I ride to NYC all the time on your bus. Excellent company.[Expand]
      From: "Russell Deyo"Date: 11/30/16 09:07:09
    • The driver was very professional. He drove safely. He was courteous. We arrived on time in spite of traffic conditions.[Expand]
      From: "Nikko Rose"Date: 11/30/16 02:01:54
    • I have been a loyal customer for over ten years and I would recommend you to all my co-workers and family.[Expand]
      From: "Linda Rodriguez"Date: 11/29/16 05:41:34
    • My husband and I was very, very pleased with our driver. The drive was smooth and comfortable. We will use services again in the near future.[Expand]
      From: "Kemith Moore"Date: 10/30/16 06:39:23
    • Clean bus, Professional ticket office workers, on time Services.[Expand]
      From: "Adam Yosef"Date: 10/24/16 09:56:36
    • Your stuff is quite professional and helpful to the customers. Service is good.[Expand]
      From: "Kwong Wah Li"Date: 10/22/16 05:50:35
    • It's clean comfortable and very good customer service.[Expand]
      From: "Carly Berrouet"Date: 10/17/16 10:23:48
    • I am very pleased to be your customer and I can advise friends and relatives to become your customer.[Expand]
      From: "Ablasse Soumahoro"Date: 10/10/16 08:35:56
    • I liked the service 100%.[Expand]
      From: "Max Quintanilla"Date: 10/04/16 10:26:27
    • Movies were a nice touch and driver was pleasant.[Expand]
      From: "Lydia Wang"Date: 10/03/16 12:29:53
    • The bus was on time. The workers with the bus was very courteous. I truly enjoyed my bus ride experience.[Expand]
      From: "Rachael Nero"Date: 09/27/16 07:14:53
    • Great staff, always on time, Dependable, Thank you for your services.[Expand]
      From: "Adam Yosef"Date: 09/26/16 08:15:46
    • Surprisingly good. Chinatown buses have come a long way. I was surprised to see that the quality has significantly surpassed the quality provided by major players like Megabus, Bolt, and Grayhound.[Expand]
      From: "Branko Bokan"Date: 09/25/16 10:25:22